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August 30, 2017
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads celebrating this weekend we hope you have something special planned. This week, new research which shows just how important dads are in the growth and development of children. Also how to make flexible work, work for you.
Hands-on dads boost mental development in babies
A recent study conducted by researchers from Imperial College London found that active, hands-on dads can have a positive impact a baby's cognitive development and learning.

The study, published by the Infant Mental Health Journal observed 128 dads playing with their three-month-old babies without toys, and gave the dads a grading on their level of interaction. The same dads were then observed reading a book with the same child when the child was two years old. At this age, the children also undertook a series of simple tests involving recognising colours and shapes, to measure their cognitive development.

Taking into account external factors such as age and income, the data showed a positive link between those dads with a higher interaction grading and the child's cognitive test score. Girls and boys scored equally.
Flexible work – and making it work for you
According to a study by recruitment specialist Hudson, work–life balance is now regarded as a leading factor in employment for Australian workers, becoming as important as salary, career progression and job title to job seekers.

For working parents, this probably comes as no surprise. The demands of school drop offs, childhood sickness and the desire to be a more present parent means flexible hours are both a necessity and a top priority.

But if your employer is yet to get on board, how do you start the conversation and introduce flexible hours to your own working world?
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