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August 2, 2017
Welcome, this week learn how to make the most of parent teacher meetings in early childhood and a new app to help young children develop self-calming techniques. Also, click here to read about Family Hour, an initiative to encourage people to swap an hour of work for an hour of family time on Thursday.
Making the most of meet the teacher night
Traditionally, parent–teacher meetings didn't begin until a child entered formal schooling. However, an increasing number of early childhood education and care providers are now offering and conducting regular parent-teacher meetings to families of preschool children.

An effective parent–teacher meeting can significantly boost a family's involvement in the preschool classroom and support a child's learning at home, as well as promote open discussion and keep parents informed of a child's progress. Preschool is now recognised as an important bridge between early childhood and formal education and these meetings can also be a valuable assessment tool to prepare you and your child for taking the significant step into school.
New app teaches self-calming to kids
A new storytelling app – The Big Tree – has been released by the Australian Childhood Foundation to help children learn self-calming techniques while having fun and playing games.

Designed for children under eight years old, The Big Tree features the voice of Chris Hemsworth, Leonie Hemsworth (Chris's mum) and Nadine Garner.

Using narratives, games and creative activities, the app helps children learn how relationships can support them to cope with challenges, in situations that could feel overwhelming.
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