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August 16, 2017
Welcome, this week we ask how sick is too sick to send your child off to care, and the perfect antidote for sick days: the 15 best picture books for toddlers. Also, have a say on the proposed Au Pair Visa in a survey being run by the Cultural Au Pair Association.
How sick is too sick?
Do you often feel like you are fighting a losing battle with childhood bugs? Your child's immunity is still developing and to make matters worse toddlers insist on putting everything in their mouths.

At some point in the first year of child care you will inevitably be faced with the decision of whether your child is well enough to be sent to care. So, this week we take a look at the most common bugs children come down with and ask if it is ever OK to send your kid to care when he or she is sick.
The best read-aloud books for toddlers
Reading aloud to your child is one of the most important and enjoyable things you can share, and has many benefits. As well as stimulating imagination and helping your child understand the world around them, reading aloud offers a wonderful opportunity to foster a lifelong love for books and storytelling. Reading together also provides a precious moment of quietness and bonding, curled up with a parent and sharing a story.

There are thousands of fabulous books out there to read with your child, here are 15 of the best and timeless classics that should be in everyone's collection.
Au pair visas
The Cultural Au Pair Association (CAPAA) is fighting for the introduction of a dedicated au pair visa to make it easier for families to keep their au pair for 12-24 months and to address seasonal shortages.

To this end, CAPAA is surveying parents to learn their views on the proposed au pair visa, which they say will provide a viable option for parents struggling to find flexible and affordable child care.

Complete the survey and go in the draw for a $250 Coles Myer Gift Voucher.
Unsure about your child care options?
Use our child care compass to find the best child care for your family
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