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April 26, 2017
Welcome, this week is your last opportunity to have a say on Australia's child care system in the 12th Annual Child Care & Workforce Participation Survey. Also, learn about healthy eating policies in early childhood settings and seven amazing things your baby can do (which you may not know about).
Healthy eating policies in child care
Regularly creating healthy lunchboxes is no easy task, even for the most organised of parents. Appeasing a fussy eater, finding time to prepare a range of home cooked nutritional choices, while also cooking dinner, preparing for the next day and squeezing in some family time is a daily challenge many working parents face.

However, recent news stories report that healthy lunchboxes are also a challenge for child care centres. So much so, parents have received notes in their child's lunchbox regarding the food choices provided, requesting that the child receives healthier options for kindy.
7 amazing things a baby can do
Babies are really are amazing little things. Underneath all of that newborn squishiness and drool they are a hive of learning, and are capable of far more things than we ever give them credit for.

This week 7 amazing things your baby can do, which you may not have known about.

A study was undertaken where a group of pregnant women were given one of three stories to read out loud to their baby twice a day for the last six weeks of the pregnancy. After birth, the babies listened to recordings of the stories they had been read while sucking on a dummy. Those babies who listened to the story they had been read while in utero sucked more frequently; those that hadn't heard the story before didn't react. This change in sucking frequency suggests that they recognised the story.
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