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September 21, 2016
Welcome, this week how to toilet train your child when they are in care and a range of sensory play ideas designed to boost early literacy and numeracy skills for children under 5.
Toilet training a child in care
Toilet training is a major milestone in a child's development and saying good bye to nappies is a day of celebration for parents. Though it can be a tricky time for both parent and child, once mastered the newfound skills provide a child with increased self-esteem and independence.

Children are ready for toilet training at different times, and it is important that toilet training is only started when a child is ready. No child will learn if they are forced to and it can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. But when a child begins to show interest in the toilet, can pull clothes on and off, and recognises the need to 'go', it might be time to try.
Sensory learning and play for under 5s
It is now proven that children learn best through hands-on experience and play. Combine the two together and there is a plethora of ways to make learning fun and tangible for kids under 5.

Alphabet games

Teaching your child about the alphabet is a great foundation for early literacy and while it can be done with just a pen and paper, there are so many other ways, which both of you will find more fun. Finding games that provide opportunity for sight recognition of letters will have that alphabet learnt in no time.
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