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October 26, 2016
Welcome, this week learn how outdoor learning benefits your children and why it is increasingly popular in early childhood settings and 6 things to teach our daughters.
The wonderful world of outdoor learning
Forest schools and outdoor-based learning programs are growing increasingly popular in Europe, as more and more primary schools realise the importance of reconnecting children with nature.

Promoting a love for the outdoors, unstructured free play and outside exploration and learning experiences are now also finding their place in early childhood education and care services across Australia. But what are the key motivators behind this shift?
6 things to teach our daughters
Today's digital age brings with it an ever-increasing focus on looks and beauty. From the picture-perfect snapchat selfie, to the filtered snapshot of Facebook life, it feels like body obsession and constant comparison to others is becoming an increasing concern for young girls today.

As parents, all we want for our daughters is to grow up with a positive body image, with self-belief and an expectation of equality and respect. Here are 6 things to teach our young daughters, to ensure this message is instilled from an early age.
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