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October 19, 2016
Welcome, with the end of the year fast approaching and transition to Big School looming for many 4-5 year olds, we offer a range of strategies to promote school readiness over the next couple of months. Also, how to have fun in the kitchen with your pre-schooler.
Preparing your child for Big School
Starting primary school is a big transition for children, and it is understandable for little ones to feel nervous or anxious. But there are many things you can do in the last few months leading up to the new school year to ease the worry.

Make it familiar

As well as attending orientation days, spending some time in and around the school will help immensely – whether that is extra classroom visits or simply a play in the park nearby. Orientation days are also a perfect opportunity to meet other families that will be starting school alongside you and for your child to meet other peers that they will share the classroom with. If they connect with any other children, try and organise a play date before they start school, so they already have a friend at school on their first day.
Playtime in the kitchen
As much as it is messy and slow, most pre-schoolers love to help out in the kitchen. Whether it's whipping up muffins or mixing fruit salad, most children delight in the textures and shared time of cooking.

Though the first few kitchen adventures are often incredibly chaotic, with a little guidance and a good slice of parental patience, pre-schoolers can soon become a positive help in the kitchen, something every busy parent needs.

Benefits of cooking with children

Cooking is a life skill that will build confidence and independence, and is a skill that will benefit children for the rest of their lives. However, cooking also has a myriad of other educational benefits.
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