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November 9, 2016
Welcome, this week the reasons why it is so important to see your nanny's Working With Children Check and strategies for taming the Tiger Mum within.
The importance of background checks when hiring a nanny
The recent news released by the Courier Mail, where newborn twins in Queensland were hospitalised after being left in the care of a nanny who had been working without a Blue Card, has again brought to light the need for parents to be vigilant about performing background checks on their child care providers.

A Working with Children Check is mandatory in Australia and early childhood providers must fulfil the requirements of the state/territory they are employed in. Reputable babysitting agencies will have policies in place to ensure employees undergo WWCCs and background checks – which protect both the children in care and the agency from future issues.
Taming the Tiger Mum
As parents, we all want our children to succeed in life, and we naturally worry about raising them to be polite, socially adept adults. However, sometimes that desire for our children to achieve can go too far, and the pressure can end up being detrimental to a child.

Mums that are very strict and who push their children to achieve are typically nicknamed 'Tiger Mums', the phrase becoming popular following Amy Chua's book Battle of the Tiger Mother.

Children of tiger mums will be constantly propelled towards academic excellence, participating in activities to win awards and pushed into music, competitive sport and tutoring. The high level of expectation stems from the desire to pave the way for their children's future success, but often at the expense of a nurturing upbringing.
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