End of year checklist
Can you believe that it's almost the end of the year already?

Along with the excitement of Christmas and the prospect of a few days off work, this time of year always seems to bring with it an added level of chaos (as if we weren’t already busy enough!).

To make sure you aren’t caught short as the year draws to a close, here are a few key things you need to make sure are done before you pack up for the silly season.

Book your babysitter

With so many social events, it's nice to manage to make it to one with your partner. But this is dependent on finding a reliable, trustworthy babysitter, something that at this time of year can be a challenge! Booking through an agency is recommended, it might cost a few more dollars, but you can rest assured your babysitter will turn up and has all the relevant WWCC checks in place. has an easy online booking service, using only reputable agencies with professional, vetted babysitters and nannies.

Be ready for starting child care

If your child is starting child care for the first time in January, check in with the service provider before the end of the year, to ensure they have all paperwork and start dates in place. Make sure they have your most up-to-date immunisation records, because under the new No Jab No Play ruling, children must be fully immunised to be enrolled into formal education services unless they are on a vaccination catch-up program, or unable to be immunised for medical reasons.

Meet with the new carer to go through any routines and concerns you might have, and make sure you know what is needed each day in your child's bag, such as nappies, bedding, water bottle and lunchbox.

Re-enrolling for 2017

If you are returning to the same centre, make sure you have your child care place locked away for next year. Most places don't roll over places, so the only way to ensure you continue to have a place is to re-enrol. It's also the opportunity to request different days if you would like them. If you haven’t received anything from them, check in with the centre in case the paperwork has become lost somewhere.

Check for any room changes

A new year often means a new classroom for many children in early childhood services. Check with your service provider whether your child is moving up a classroom, and if there are any new routines or procedures to be aware of. Some preschool rooms might not have nappy change facilities anymore; the toddler room might introduce a more structured sleep schedule. Take the time to go to the new classroom before the new school year begins to meet the teacher and talk through your child's particular needs, especially if there are any allergies or concerns you might want to personally make the teacher aware of.

Starting school

If your child is off to 'big' school next year, make sure you've spoken to the early childhood education and care provider about the transition, and have arranged any paperwork for the return of any bond held. Ensure they have your address for any forwarded correspondence, and collect any reports and treasured artwork before the last day! Make sure you have the contact numbers of friends made at child care, especially any that are heading to the same school, so you can arrange play dates over the Christmas break.

You will have already done the orientation day at the new school, but check back through the orientation pack for anything you need to do before school starts, such as pick up the new school uniform and collect any school supplies you might need (most schools will send out a list of anything you will need to provide).

Many child care centres offer vacation care to those children leaving the centre and due to start kindergarten. If you need it, check with your centre before the end of the year to see if they offer this service.
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