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November 2, 2016
Welcome, it's Nanny Appreciation Week and we have 30 suggestions for saying thank you to the Mary Poppins in your life. Also an update on proposed changes to paid parental leave.
Celebrating nannies – it's Nanny Appreciation Week
October 31st to November 6th is Nanny Appreciation Week. Organised by the Australian Nannies Association (ANA), the awareness week exists to celebrate the amazing work that nannies do in helping to care for Australian children.

With the introduction of the Nanny Pilot Programme earlier this year, subsidising nanny care for families, nannies are becoming a more viable child care option for families across Australia. The programme aims to make care available to those families that would struggle to secure care for their children in typical early childhood services, either due to erratic work hours or location.
No changes to PPL… YET
Proposed changes to Paid Parental Leave have been all over the news this week and amidst the noise and conflicting reports it's hard to get an accurate idea about what is going on.

Worse still the proposed changes have been touted to take effect from 1 January next year. Seriously! Pregnant women and families trying to financially plan for the arrival of a new baby do not need this kind of stress right now.

As you have probably heard the Turnbull Government has proposed legislative changes to prevent parents from 'double dipping', when it comes to receiving Paid Parental Leave.
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