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Child Care News for Parents & Carers
May 18, 2016
Welcome, it's too easy to turn on the screens when the kids come back from child care or school, this week some easy alternatives you might like to try and a reminder for parents and carers on the importance of taking time out every once in a while.
Creating quality time with your kids
Balancing working life and quality time with children is a huge challenge for working parents. The constant chaos of drop-offs, chores and dinner-bath-bed leaves most parents feeling worried that they don't spend enough quality time with their children.

Thankfully, it's not quantity of time, but quality time together that matters with little ones. By creating moments that allow them to come into your life, and also taking opportunities to enter theirs, the short time you do have together can be incredibly special. Here are a few ideas.
Simple, screen-free activities for after care
It's a busy time when kids get home from school or child care. There are bags to repack, lunchboxes to make and dinner to prepare before another day at work.

But rather than reach for the remote to entertain the kids whilst you get organised, here are eight simple, fun activities to keep kids occupied and screen-free.
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