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Five ways to have a healthier Easter
Looking for some healthy and fun options to the never-ending baskets of cheap sugary Easter eggs which rear their ugly heads at this time of the year? Then you have come to the right place.

Kids love Easter and for good reason, a long weekend and a legitimate excuse to indulge in all sorts of sweet treats; what's not to like? However, with increasing understanding about the harmful effects of sugar and how much damage it can cause us, why not broaden your horizons a bit this Easter and explore other options for the Easter chocolate overload and egg hunt.

Here's our guide to having an easier and healthier Easter:

  1. Hold off buying those Easter eggs until Easter weekend, just because the chocolate stuff has been weighing down the shelves at the supermarket since just after Christmas doesn't mean you have to buy it. Step away from the chocky bunnies.
  2. If you do buy chocolate spend more money and buy a few good quality eggs made from dark chocolate. Good quality dark chocolate has less sugar and less saturated fat than other chocolate and it is rich and strong which means you and the kids are likely to eat less of it. Aim for quality not quantity and you’ll feel a lot better for it.
  3. If you are planning an Easter egg hunt why not branch out and instead of hiding chocolate hide teeny tiny surprises, such as balloons, bottles of bubbles, stickers, drawing chalk, bouncy balls, whistles, matchbox cars etc. Anything you can find at your local Two Dollar Shop would work. Proving one medium sized egg on an Easter egg hunt will make it more special than a million small ones and will help your children learn about the value of quality over quantity!
  4. You could consider making the Easter egg hunt more physically challenging so the kids have to burn off a bit of energy before they can indulge in Easter eggs for breakfast. Hide items in trees, spread the treats around a wider area and/or impose a physical challenge at every treat stop. You could also devise some kind of competition where the kids pool all the treats which are the allocated by a parent to (for example) the kid who can do the most star jumps, the best cart wheel etc.
  5. Do stuff with eggs… no not chocolate eggs real eggs! Eggs are the ultimate super food, packed with protein they are a fantastic way to start the day. If you are blowing eggs to decorate then be sure to keep the inners and make a nutritious and fortifying omelette or scrambled eggs to start your Easter weekend. A solid protein meal will keep the hunger pangs away and decrease the likelihood of over indulging in chocolate and sweets.
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