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June 8, 2016
Welcome, this week learn about the benefits of taking your child to playgroups and some hints for boosting immunity as we settle into winter.
PLAY: The benefits of playgroups
From the moment they are born, children start to use the language of play to understand the world, and through this play children do most of their learning. Play can be dress-ups, craft, climbing trees, or simply cuddling up with a game of peek-a-boo, but whatever form it takes, it is essential for healthy development.

Playgroups offer a wonderful place for children to play, in a safe and supportive space. But playgroups are about so much more than play alone. Getting involved in a playgroup has enormous benefits for children, especially those who haven't started in a daycare environment yet. And playgroups can help enormously with the transition into daycare when that time does come.

Social interaction

Playgroups offer a gradual introduction into social situations, with the safety net of a parent right by their side. Whether you have a shy toddler, or a baby who loves interaction, take their lead and let them engage with their peers and learn social boundaries. Even if they seem too young to engage in parallel play, which begins around 3 years old, playgroups offer the space for this interaction to begin, and where they can experience what happens when they do interact.
HEALTH: 5 ways to boost your child's immunity this winter
Brrrr, there's definitely a winter chill is definitely in the air. And as soon as you brush off the winter woolies, cold and flu season also promptly lands. There's been some nasty bugs doing the rounds of schools and childcare centres in recent years and Australia is preparing for a record number of flu cases this winter.

Though you can't always completely avoid getting sick, there are several things you can do to boost your child's immunity to stave off those coughs and colds or, at least, reduce the severity when they do strike.
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