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June 29, 2016
Welcome, looking for a new early childhood education and care provider? Be sure to read our article on which questions to ask to make sure you find the best service for your family. Also some hints for helping your child develop good self regulation skills.
EDUCATION: Teaching self-regulation in pre-school children
Controlling our emotions and behaviour and navigating through conflict are essential life skills. But these skills of self-regulation don't come naturally; they must be taught and practiced. Learning these skills begins in the very early years, with the foundation being set between birth to age five.

By the age of five, skills such as being able to sit, listen, share and take turns, follow directions, communicate thoughts, plan actions, and demonstrate empathy to peers are all fundamental pieces of self-regulation and skills that are vital for preschoolers to learn if they are to succeed at school.

Children learn to regulate their emotions through watching their parents, so it is important for parents to set a good example in the day-to-day environment. But there are also many ways in which you can actively create situations to build these skills.
Questions to ask when choosing a child care provider
Choosing the right early childhood education and care provider for your child is a huge decision. A big part of the process is visiting the service to meet staff and get a better understanding of the day-to-day care. This is also the perfect time to ask questions, and don't be scared to ask as many as possible. Every service should be happy to address any questions and be able to set your mind at ease.

If you aren't sure what questions to ask, here is a list to get you started.
Unsure about your child care options?
Use our child care compass to find the best child care for your family
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