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June 22, 2016
Welcome, this week learn about changes to the government's Nanny Pilot Program and strategies for keeping your kids active over the cold winter months when the urge to hibernate kicks in.
Changes to the Nanny Pilot Programme
The Nanny Pilot Programme was designed to support families who struggle to access regular childcare services - for example shift workers, or those in regional or remote areas.

However, with reports slamming the service as unaffordable and news that some parents were paying up to $35 per hour for care, the Government has amended the subsidy rate to address these concerns.

But does that now make the Nanny Pilot Programme viable, and is it something that could be applicable to your household?
HEALTH: Active kids are healthy kids
As we head into the winter months, it's always tempting to rug up on the couch and escape the chill in front of the TV. However, these colder days are no reason to stop being active. In fact, they are the perfect days to get out and about when the sun isn't so strong.

According to a recent study, 80% of 5-17 year olds aren't active enough and 70% of children spend more than 2 hours a day in front of a screen (Australian Bureau of Statistics Australian Health Survey, 2010-11).

This is backed by a recent Heart Foundation survey that discovered that 63% of kids are driven to school and only 11% ride their bikes, even though 50% lived within 10 minutes of the school. This is in comparison to 1970 when 84% of kids walked or took public transport to school.
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