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July 20, 2016
Welcome, this week 5 tips for planning the perfect (and stress free) kids party and a reminder on the most popular types of child care for Australian families.
Which care are you using?
Child care comes in many shapes and sizes these days. From the structure of long day care, to the last-minute school run provided by grandparents, working parents are using every available avenue to ensure their children are happily cared for during their working hours.

However, our 2016 Annual Survey, in which 4,380 people shared their views on the Australia's current child care system, revealed that 32 per cent of respondents found it difficult to find suitable care.

So what are all the child care options available, and what are the pros and cons for each?
5 Planning tips for the perfect kids party
By Lel Brassel Ngo - The Kit Source

If you're a bit nervous about planning your kid's party, you're not alone. A large group of kids can be easy to please, but funnily enough, they're also very unpredictable. To avoid any unnecessary upsets: plan, plan, plan. So here are our top 5 planning tips for perfect kids parties.

Choose a theme

Firstly, themes are not essential, but they give your party a clear foundation. If you're going to use a theme, pick something your child really loves, or if they're really young, choose something they're starting to recognise (for example an animal, character or colour). There are plenty of resources for theme ideas, but if you can tell they love Paw Patrol, they've dreamed of being Cinderella, or want to be an Avenger, then the choice is simple to make.
Unsure about your child care options?
Use our child care compass to find the best child care for your family
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