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February 24, 2016
Find it hard to extract information from your kids at the end of the day? We'll have you sorted in no time. Also tried and tested strategies for dealing with nits and head lice for kids in care.
Strategies for extracting the hen's teeth
As the overwhelming mayhem of the new school or child care year slowly settles into a more organised form of mayhem and the excitement of new friends and new teachers slowly wears off you may find it increasingly difficult to extract any kind of useful information from your children.

The frantic end of day debrief of the first couple of weeks has usually petered out by week 5-6 and if your house is anything like the norm then "How was your day?" is usually met with "fine", "good" or even "I can't remember".

Sending kids off to care or school is a big deal for parents, a lot happens in a day and it's normal to want to hear every last granule of information, and yet, it sometimes seems the more question you ask kids the less information they proffer.
Head lice
a fact of life
For most parents there is something inherently icky about the thought of head lice. However, it is worth remembering that head lice have been around for almost as long as humans and they are a natural, if somewhat disgusting, fact of the world we live in.

Kids in child care are very susceptible to head lice because they are physically close to each other for almost all the activities they participate in. Head lice are not fussy and are equally happy in clean or dirty hair; you can catch head lice no matter what your age, ethnicity, hair colour or hair type. This means that all kids in child care are at risk when there is an outbreak in a service.

There are a few popular myths about head lice, including the idea that you should sterilize and bag up all your linen and soft toys after an outbreak and you can catch lice from sharing hats and headrests.
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