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February 17, 2016
Not managed to find after school hours care yet? Don't panic. You're not alone and we have some great alternatives. February 24th is Afternoon Teal Day in support of Ovarian Cancer. We outline this lesser known gynaecological cancer and tell you how you can get involved.
Can't get an after school care place?
Here are the alternatives
It was recently reported that thousands of New South Wales families have not managed to secure a spot in an out of school hours care service for their children.

The figures from the Network of Community Activities revealed that as many as 2,000 students a week (in NSW) are missing out on after-school care.

It's not just urban and suburban Sydney suburbs either; there is also a shortage of after school care (aka out of school hours care or "OOSH") in regional areas.

We can assume that while the problem is particularly acute in NSW, due to higher population, there will be many areas of urban and regional Victoria and Queensland that are also experiencing shortages.
Ovarian cancer awareness month
Get involved with Afternoon Teal
February 24th is Teal Ribbon Day - the official Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day for Australia (the International Awareness day is in May).

Ovarian cancer is much less known and talked about than other female cancers, yet it's estimated that there will be almost 1,500 new cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed in 2016. This only accounts for 2.5% of all new cancers diagnosed in females, but the estimated number of deaths from ovarian cancer in 2016 is likely to more than 1,000. Most ovarian cancers develop after menopause and while ovarian cancer under 40 is rare, it still occurs.

Like all cancers, the earlier you can detect it, the better your chances of survival. In Australia, the overall five-year survival rate for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer is approximately 43%, but this is 93% when the cancer is still confined to the ovaries… so early detection is absolutely key.

Know what to look for

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