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February 10, 2016
Prince George is off to Montessori preschool… we shine the spotlight on this increasingly popular approach to early childhood education. It's Valentines' Day already, so if you haven't thought about it, book your babysitter so you don't miss out.
Montessori is good enough for Prince George
But what exactly is it?
photo © Duchess of Cambridge
Prince George has started attending a Montessori school nursery close to William and Kate's Norfolk home.

If you're not up on educational methods, or haven't come across this style of teaching before, let us enlighten you on what Montessori is all about and how it's fit for a future king.

Montessori schools have actually been around for more than a century, with the first "casa dei bambini" in San Lorenzo, Italy, launched in 1907 by its founder and the first Italian female physician, Dr. Maria Montessori.

Montessori spent her career studying the way children, particularly those with special needs, learn and develop and her education principle is based on her key conclusions about children and learning.
Make the most of Valentine's Day
Once upon a time, in 2001 B.C. (Before Children) there was a beautiful couple who lived in a gorgeous clutter-free kingdom and regularly went out dining, dancing and having fun together.

After a few years, the couple celebrated their devotion for each other by producing a beautiful prince and princess. The children were the apples of their eye and the couple would do anything for them, but over the years, their coupledom waned, their kingdom was ruled by toys, homework, chores and ever-latening (yes it's a word) bedtime and they never seemed to have fun together any more.

Does this sound like you? Yes, we all know it's easy to get stuck in the child-centric rut and forget about yourselves as a couple. If so, make the most of this Valentine's Day, get out and have fun.

If you don't have a regular babysitter, no problem. Think of as your fairy godmother. We only list experienced, vetted, police checked and referenced agency babysitters, so you can go to the ball and not worry about anything else but enjoying yourselves.
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