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August 3, 2016
Welcome, this week an overview of the Early Years Learning Framework, for all those afraid to ask and why you should use a reputable agency when recruiting an au pair, an opinion piece by Michelle Hunder from the Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia. Also some yummy winter food ideas to inspire you in the last few weeks before spring.
A quick guide to the EYLF
Head into any early childhood service or preschool environment and the phrase EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) is sure to be found. But what exactly is it, and what does it mean for your child's early education?

What is the EYLF?

The EYLF is a framework for early childhood education that guides educators in developing quality, education programmes. Bringing consistency to the delivery of learning across the country, it is designed to enhance learning from birth to five, developing a foundation for learning as well as help in a child's transition into school. The EYLF is not a curriculum, so it doesn't provide centres with a detailed syllabus, instead it is a framework that consists of concepts, principles and outcomes.

The Concepts

With a strong emphasis on play-based learning, there are three basic concepts within the EYLF framework: Belonging, Being, and Becoming.

Belonging works around a child's understanding that they are part of a group – experiencing relationships and recognising family members. In the classroom, this might relate to how comfortable and confident a child is within the setting.
Why use a reputable au pair agency
This opinion piece has been contributed by Michelle Hunder, from the Cultural Au Pair Association of Australia and JCR Au Pairs and Nannies

Would you hand over your children, house and car keys to a stranger you only shared a few emails with? Would you let your young adult daughter pack her bags and move in with someone on the other side of the world she just met online? Of course not. You can organise almost anything on the internet, but an au pair placement should always be done with help from the experts.

Au pair agencies provide an experienced, third party oversight of placements between a family and au pair. They will ensure both are screened, check references, provide support throughout the placement, and arrange a replacement if it's just not working out.
Unsure about your child care options?
Use our child care compass to find the best child care for your family
Winter warmers for fussy eaters
Having a fussy eater can often turn family mealtimes into a frustrating battle. When you want to make sure your little one is getting the right nutrients to stay fit and well through these colder months, finding ways to tempt vegetables passed those stubborn mouths can be a challenge.

Fussiness can mean refusing new foods, disliking foods based on shape, colour or texture, and also changing their mind day to day. It is normal for children to be fussy to some degree – being fussy is their way of asserting their independence and exploring the world, but appetites also fluctuate depending on how active they are and whether they are growing. Fussy eating is usually a phase, and most children go on to eat and enjoy a whole variety of different foods, as they grow older.

By making mealtimes pleasant and stress-free and making healthy foods fun, you can often manage to introduce healthy choices to the fussiest of eaters. And by giving children a level of independence by offering a range of nutritious foods for them to choose from, they will learn to make healthy choices for themselves.

Here are four of our favourite winter warmers, all with a healthy dose of hidden goodness.
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