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April 20, 2016
Is your child a whirling dervish? Read our article on mindfulness and bring out your kid's inner zen. Also everything you need to know about the Government's Jobs for Families Child Care Package and an opportunity to vent. If you are fed up with governments constantly twiddling with child care then tell us in the Annual Child Care and Workforce Participation survey, it's OPEN NOW.
The Child Care Package
What's it all about?
There's been a lot of talk in the media recently about the Turnbull Government's proposed Jobs for families Child Care Package.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham says the package was put together in response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Child Care Early Childhood Learning and the government's objective is to better help parents who want or need to work, or who want to work more, while still supporting early childhood education.

So what does this actually mean for working parents? Well, according to the government the package will deliver a simpler, more affordable, more flexible and more accessible child care system through two main offerings:

A new Child Care Subsidy

A new payment which will commence in July 2017 and will replace the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate with a single, means-tested payment.
Encouraging mindfulness in kids
With a growing body of research to demonstrate the purported benefits of practicing mindfulness, there has been an explosion in opportunities to learn mindfulness in both workplaces and private life.

Mindfulness is simply the mental and physical state of being conscious or aware of something. People can achieve mindfulness by focussing on the present moment and by taking the time to calmly acknowledge and accept their feelings and physical sensations.

Maintaining a regular practice in mindfulness has a number of benefits including a reduction in stress and anxiety, improved concentration, better pain management, improved sleep and mindfulness exercises may also contribute to a lower blood pressure and assist with gastrointestinal problems.
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