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September 9, 2015
In order to ensure equal share of parenting is accepted in the workplace and society, our article looks at how dads need to take a stand at work in terms of flexible working. Plus it's Women's Health week and it’s time to talk.
Achieving real gender equality at work
Dads need to take a stand
Dads all over the world are now taking a much more proactive and involved role in parenting, both by necessity and by design. Fathers are entirely up for sharing the load and for gender equality in both the home and the workplace, but employers need to get with the flexible work program.

With the best will in the world, it's not always easy for men to be supportive partners and dads when their employers don't understand or aren't willing to accept their needs.

In many ways schools and businesses are still stuck in the 1950s; school times and employer expectations do not encourage or facilitate dads to take an equal share in parenting.
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No more elephants
When it comes to health concerns, every woman has an elephant in the room. Women often don't take the time to ask questions, seek out credible information and work out a sound plan of action. Well this week is Women's Health Week and it's time to talk.

The Jean Hailes Women's Health Week 2015 (7-11 September) aims to eradicate elephants in the room. Across five days, Women's Health Week will be online and on-the-ground, giving women across Australia the chance to learn more about their health and hear about issues they might not usually discuss.

Women's Health Week launched yesterday at and at a variety of live public events in Sydney and Melbourne. Every day a variety of new articles, videos, podcasts, recipes, tools and other resources will be made available on the website and women are encourage to attend some of the many events happening around the country.
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