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September 2, 2015
It's Fathers' Day this weekend so this week we look at how far dads have come and the issues they face in our Praise for Caring Dads article. As we know, dads are rubbish when it comes to going to the doctor, but our article Healthy Dad, Happy Family highlights the most common health issues and how to prevent them. Happy Fathers' Day to all Dads.
In praise of dads
Working, stay-at-home and everything in-between
by Sophie Cross
Being "Dad" these days is getting increasingly tougher and confusing. The expectations are huge - from all sides, especially from the dad himself and the lines are increasingly blurred as to the job description.

It's hard enough for Dads still living with a partner/mother of their children, let alone for the increasing number of dads who are in sole care of their children on either a full time or part time basis.

Up until fairly recently, in the grand scheme of things, gender roles were pretty clean cut and specific: Man went to work and provided for family and patted a few small heads occasionally at the weekends and after dinner; woman stayed at home, had babies, reared children, washed, ironed and made the dinner. It was all very straight forward and clean cut. Except women were getting more and more disenchanted with their side of the bargain and men were getting disenchanted with the never-ending work drudge and never seeing their families.
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Look after yourself
Healthy Dad, happy family
Men hate doctors. It's official. Something to do with an innate fear of appearing weak, of being sick, unable to provide, survival of the fittest etc etc…Or perhaps it's just laziness or a fear of needles or someone whipping out the latex gloves.

For whatever reason, men just don't go to the doctor unless it's absolutely vital or they've been nagged to do so until they can't take it anymore.

Women on the other hand are quite happy to go for the smallest niggle, or just to put their mind at rest. They are also getting very good at going for regular check-ups for breast and cervical cancers, illnesses that can be diagnosed early and treated successfully… I mean, why wouldn't you want to check everything is OK and avoid serious illness or worse?
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