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September 16, 2015
As social, inter-school and inter-country competition increases regarding education success, we look at how we are taking the fun out of learning. The deaths of two women and a child in Queensland have brought the issue of domestic violence back into the spotlight. Could you recognise this insidious behaviour? Our article outlines the signs.
Put the play back into early education
Are we taking all the fun out of learning?
by Sophie Cross

As competition in schools and society in general grows, young children in primary and preschool are being put under more and more pressure to learn faster, take tests for senior schools (and often junior schools too), get to grips early with reading, writing and maths.

With the two main objectives of preparation and "not falling behind", play-based early education has given way to more structured, formal teaching and we're in danger of taking all the fun out of learning and creating a generation of followers instead of inventors, creators and entrepreneurs.

Kids are now often expected, by their own families as well as by schools, to perform and achieve, not to enjoy themselves.
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Domestic violence
Could you recognise it?
Recent shocking news reports regarding the violent deaths of two women and a child in Queensland have brought the issue of domestic violence back into the spotlight.

The worrying thing about this form of abuse is that it can be going on unrecognized and un-reported for a very long time. Even the victim may not recognize the abuse, may feel ashamed, guilty or even responsible for it and therefore will stay quiet until, tragically, it's too late.

It's estimated that at almost a quarter (about 2.2 million) of women in Australia have experienced domestic or family violence.
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