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May 27, 2015
With the shortage of child care places and cost of care, hundreds of thousands of Australian grandparents are now looking after their grandchildren on at least a part time basis. Our article asks, are our parents up for the job of carer? If you think you'd like to live a "cleaner" life and eliminate as many toxins as you can, our article on Detoxing your family gives some great tips.
Are your parents up to the job of carer?
And have you agreed on boundaries?
One in four grandparents are looking after their grandchildren on at least a part time basis. They have become a generation of carers. With the cost of child care, the lack of places, and if you have a parent who's retired, willing and available to step up to the task, it's easy to jump in and accept their offer to "help out" without thinking the situation through completely.

Of course it can be hugely rewarding for all those concerned, as long as you consider the grandparent in terms of mental and physical health and abilities, and as long as you set some clear boundaries for the arrangement.

The benefits for you and your children are clear, but you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages for your parents too.
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Clean living for families
How to live a less toxic life
Over the last century it's thought that over 80,000 chemicals have been introduced into our daily lives. They are toxic and they are everywhere… in the atmosphere, in our cleaning products, in food and drink, cans and bottles, in our toiletries, furniture, toys, clothes, house paint, drinking water and even in our computers. We actually even make toxins ourselves through our own stress.

This highly toxic environmentprompted the existence of a "clean living" movement, whereby people adopt a simpler way of living and try to eliminate as many chemicals from their daily lives as possible.

These daily chemicals are thought to be linked to issues such as lower IQ, cancer and reproductive problems and could well play a part in all sorts of illnesses. We simply don't know what their effects are.
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