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June 3, 2015
Would you lie about children in a job interview? Have you? We look at the issue of being discriminated for being pregnant or having children. We all have lovely story time memories. Read about how story time helps develop your child's reading and get a great discount on Wondrous Ink's personalised children's book.
Would you pretend to be childless for a job?

How discrimination against working mums is still rife

A recent news item revealed that mums looking to go back to work have been told to leave out maternity leave from their CVs to give them a better chance of getting a job.

Just Mums Recruitment director Rachel Perkins said that "other recruitment agencies and a human resources manager had told some of their clients to replace maternity leave on their resumes with travel or study to improve their chances of getting a job".

It really does go beyond the pale when you're advised to pretend you haven't got children in order to get an interview with some companies, but is it realistic? Is this the reality mums face?
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The importance of storytime

Why children benefit from reading with parents

Bedtime stories are an integral part of a young child's life all over the world. No matter what language you speak or where you live, or even if you have access to books, bedtime stories have been practiced since time immemorial.

Story time, whether it's at bedtime, bath time, afternoon nap time or in the morning is incredibly important to a young child's development - both for their reading ability, for vocabulary, for their imagination and education about the world around them.

It's also a really important part of bonding with children, creating a beautiful relationship and daily time together when you forget about work, stress and everything else in your life and focus on having half an hour of quiet, creative, fun time with your child.
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