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June 10, 2015
Bullying it not just for older kids in school. It happens in child care and pre-school too. This week we cover the issue of preschool bullying and what you can do about it. Are we more mollycoddling than our parents were? We look at whether being over-protective is making our children dependent and fearful.
Is your preschooler being bullied…
or are they perhaps the bully?
Bullying is something we've probably all witnessed if not experienced at school or even in the workplace. You may think that bullying starts at school, but it can begin much earlier than that. Children as young as pre-schoolers can start to exhibit bullying tendencies and many parents are surprised to learn their child may be being bullied in child care or pre-school.

This is of course very upsetting for parents - both the parents of the victim and the bully. No one wants to see their child upset or being "picked on", and equally we'd like to think that no parent wants to think their child is a bully and making another child's life a misery. And there's a fine line, because sometimes, bullied children can start to develop bullying behaviour themselves. So it's best to keep an open mind and look out for signs of either.

What is bullying and how do you know if it's really happening and not just a bit of a personality clash with another child or toddler scuffles?
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Are we too over-protective?
And killing our children's independence
by Sophie Cross

This week I've been struggling with the concept of letting go; of giving my 10-year-old girl some independence and letting her roam free a bit with her friends.

When I say "roam free", I don't mean to let her and her friends go off on camping trips in the bush by themselves, I simply mean to walk down to the shops or to play tennis or go and have a hot chocolate in the local cafe without me dropping them off, picking them up or worse, sitting around staring at them while they try to enjoy themselves without me. I mean, how embarrassing.

By the age of 10, children need a bit of independence. They're discovering their own personality, interests, their own will (lots of that) and getting a bit more adventurous and self-confident. Or at least they should be.
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