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July 8, 2015
This week Jen Dalitz gives her perspective on matching flexible work with flexible child care. Now we're in the midst of winter, have you noticed any changes in yourself or your child? Our article on Seasonal Affective Disorder outlines how children can also be affected by SAD.
Matching flexible work with flexible care
by Jen Dalitz,

I think it's safe to say that every working parent has one thing in common: their career will never be quite the same once they enter the world of parenthood.

Whether you take an indefinite break after the arrival of your little cherub, or take extended leave, or return to work within a shorter time frame, there will be changes. It's as sure as the Tooth Fairy lobbing in unannounced on the loss of that first pearly incisor, despite never having whispered her existence. It. Will. Happen.

Perhaps the only advantage I had on my approach to parenthood was that I was already very comfortable with career chaos. Having been self-employed for six years "before child", I had a fair inkling of how to manage my time and my cashflow. Having my own consulting practise afforded the flexibility to choose the clients I worked with, at the times that I wanted. I even got to choose where I worked, most of the time, which was my home office whenever possible. It was a big shift from the rigid structure of the corporate career I'd left behind.
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Are you or your children SAD?
Seasonal affective disorder affects kids too
If you've not heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD before, then maybe you live in an area that's lovely and sunny all year round. SAD is a form of depression that follows a seasonal pattern and appears and disappears at the same times each year and it can affect both adults and children.

It may sound like a bit of a first world illness, but in fact SAD is thought to affect around six per cent of all people, although females are four times more likely to be affected (as they are more likely to suffer from any sort of depression than men).

People with SAD usually get symptoms of depression as winter approaches and daylight hours become shorter, then as soon as spring returns and the days become longer again, they experience relief from the symptoms and a return to a "normal" mood and usual energy levels.
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