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July 29, 2015
In a new ruling effective immediately, foreign au pairs on a working holiday visa in Australia may now stay with their host family for up to 12 months. Our article gives you the full information. And if you're feeling a little frazzled, Jacinta Tynan has some great advice on how to find your maternal peace in her new book Mother Zen.
Au Pairs
now allowed to stay for 12 months

Meaning more consistency and flexibility for parents

Just in time for the migration of GAP year Europeans to Australia, families may now take on an au pair on a Working Holiday Visa for up to 12 months at a time.

Previously au pairs were only granted up to six months with a host family before they had to move on, making them only a short-term solution to many families who couldn't find suitable child care.

However after lobbying to the Department by the industry and recommendations from the recent Productivity Commission Inquiry into child care and early education, new legislation passed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection means that, effective immediately, au pairs (un-salaried childminders and mothers helpers who are often from outside of Australia) on Working Holiday Visas in Australia may now stay with their host family for the full duration of their visa.
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Why Jacinta Tynan feels no guilt
…and her top tips to finding Mother Zen
Jacinta Tynan is a well-known Australian news presenter, author and columnist who regularly writes opinion pieces for national newspapers and appears as a guest commentator on TV programmes. She has just launched her new book, Mother Zen, a memoir, part commentary and part manifesto on the ideas and philosophies of contemporary parenting.

A career girl and self-confessed reluctant mum-to-be, Jacinta readily admits to believing she had something like "pre-natal depression" or motherhood denial; a fear of what was to come, of how her life was about to change, of not being up for the task of mother, of being, as someone once told her, "too selfish to be a mum".

Now as a mum of two young boys, Jacinta has re-evaluated her life and chosen to ignore all the dissenters, the pregnancy books, the perfect parenting gurus, the people who say your life will never be the same - and not in a good way - and the people who doubted her ability to mother, including herself.
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