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July 22, 2015
While we spend a lot of time trying to teach our kids to share, it appears that Australians don't like sharing much. Our article on sharing looks at how sharing could make a huge difference to your daily juggle. We also highlight the extremely common issue of General Anxiety Disorder - how to spot, prevent and manage it. Plus an opportunity to have your say on the new nanny pilot program.
Nanny pilot program
Have your say

Opportunity to comment closes tomorrow

If you want to have your say on how the new in-home care / nanny pilot program is structured then you need to act now. The draft program outline is open for public comment until 5PM tomorrow.

What's it all about?

The recent Productivity Inquiry into child care and early learning highlighted the need for increased flexibility for families and recommended nannies should be part of the mainstream child care system.

On 28 April 2015, the Australian Government announced the introduction of a "Nanny Pilot Program" to assist families who are having difficulties accessing child care services when working non-standard hours, studying or living in remote areas. The program will run over 24 months from January 2016 and aims to form the future of in-home care. It's estimated to engage around 4,000 nannies and 10,000 children.
Sharing is caring
3 ways in which we can divide and conquer
Apparently despite everything we try to teach our children and after everything our parents tried to teach us about sharing, and even with old sayings like "a problem shared is a problem halved", we are in fact, quite resolutely a nation of non-sharers.

1. Car pooling and before/after school and child care

  • 81% of parents who took our survey said they don't car pool or share before / after school care with other families.
  • Only five per cent said they car pooled or shared before and after school care regularly.
  • Nine per cent said they shared "occasionally".
We are disappointed… for a number of very practical reasons, because car pooling and sharing before and after school care make so much sense:
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Are you feeling anxious?
You're not alone
Most people have anxiety and anxious moments. It's part of our being human and represents our "flight or fight" response, which is a totally natural response to danger, or perceived danger to ourselves or our loved ones.

The trouble is that sometimes we can let anxiety get the better of us, and when that happens, it can be really frightening, worrying, debilitating even.

We lead much more stressful lives on a daily basis than our forebears. Or at least we think we do. We believe there is a lot more to worry about and to fear and so anxiety is increasing.

In the USA, it's thought that people with diagnosed anxiety disorders has increased nearly two and a half times between 1987 and 2007 - from one in 184 Americans to one in 76. For children, the rise is even more startling - a thirty-five-fold increase over the same period.
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