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July 15, 2015
This week we look at how child care subsidy fraud by both individuals and organisations is all too active in some parts of the country and ask you to report anything suspicious. With a few wet weekends and winter holidays, we have a great list of Old Skool indoor activities and not a gadget in sight.
Authorities urge parents to help stop child care subsidy fraud
With recent arrests and seizures by the Australian Federal Police and Child Care Compliance Taskforce, parents and educators alike are being urged to help stop child care subsidy fraud by reporting any individuals, services or coordination units that are not operating in a law-abiding way.

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison recently announced a $250 million package for low to middle-income families that subsidises nannies for shift workers or those who work irregular hours.

The Activity Test which is being introduced alongside the new one payment child care subsidy has been designed to minimise welfare fraud, tests for which will also be rolled out to reduce the number of fraudulent child care claims.
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What no gadgets?
Old Skool winter activity ideas for kids
There's nothing worse than winter days when it's too cold or wet to go out and children are getting cabin fever. It's all too easy to let them wile away the hours on iPads, iPods, TV, DSs etc and have them stare at little screens all day, but clearly this is not good for them for any length of time (however much they tell you it is). So maybe it's time to go Old Skool, ban the screens and try out some activities we used to do for entertainment B.G. (before gadgets).

Do you remember what you did as a kid before computers and the Internet took over the world? If you're 35+ you may have an idea. If you're under 35 then you probably had a computer anyway and I'm very jealous of your youth.

It's a shame that children automatically revert to online activities because we used to have so much fun as kids doing all sorts of creative and non-creative.
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