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August 26, 2015
SA Premier Jay Weatherill says that the States lose sight of children between 1 and 4 years old, so should the states take over responsibility for education for complete consistency of educational care from 0-18. What do you think? And our second article with Lisa Bronner gives you tips on How to Go Green with kids.
Should the states run early childhood education?

SA's Jay Weatherill says states "lose sight of children"

More often than not we're used to states abdicating responsibility over key issues, but in an article in the Australian Financial Review recently, SA Premier Jay Weatherill is reported as proposing that the states take over responsibility for education.

In the run up to the state leaders' retreat in Sydney, Mr. Weatherill said that one of the areas for reform should be the way that education (from early childhood to high school and beyond) is managed.

According to Mr. Weatherill, the states should take responsibility for early childhood and school education, with higher education and vocational training being governed by the federal government.
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Going green with kids
Lisa Bronner tells why and how to do it
Lisa Bronner is the granddaughter of Dr. Emanuel Bronner, eco campaigner and founder of the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps brand. Her blog, Going Green, both answers questions about Dr. Bronner's products, but also chronicles her own ongoing path to a greener lifestyle, as a mom of young kids.

C4K: What does going green mean as far as you're concerned?
LB: I had to ask myself this exact question as I launched my blog. I boiled my usage of the term down to the following: making decisions in all areas - from food, to home care, to activities, and beyond - that are safe for humans, especially children, and animals, both wild and domesticated, non-damaging to the environment, not problematic for future generations, are sustainable or renewable, and are sensible and responsible.

C4K: What led you to going green?
LB: Growing up, being a "Bronner" was not very much on my radar. We didn't live all that near my grandfather, Dr. Bronner, and although my dad was part of the soap-making, the larger picture of what my grandfather was all about was a total unknown to me. However, I had parents who made sensible and wise decisions long before terms like "green", "sustainable", and "organic" were even in our vocabulary with their modern definitions.
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