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September 10, 2014
This week we look at using crèches. After an incident at a crèche in Sydney recently we highlight why parents need to be aware these drop in crèches do not operate under the same regulation or standards as formal child care. And if your child has started using the web, and they seem to at a very early age, read our article on being SMART and teaching your child about stranger danger in the virtual world as well as the real one.
Co-working spaces with child's play

Innovative services provide perfect solution for freelance parents

The idea of workspaces that have a child play area, or even on site child care, that cater for self employed parents, has just taken on in Australia, with the first service, Bubs & Boardrooms popping up in Sydney's Inner West.

The idea behind Bubs and Boardrooms and similar services overseas, is to provide a workspace for parents, while also providing a play space for their kids.

So parents can work in a communal, creative shared and serviced office space with similar people for inspiration and company and have their kids nearby playing in a safe play zone.

In the USA and the UK companies such as NextKids and Third Door, workspaces with play zones have been operating for a few years to great success.
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Online stranger danger

Who are your children talking to?

By Sophie Cross

If you've got kids and you've got a computer, then you will be more than aware that web use and online profiles are getting a bit out of hand. Kids + www/internet = worry as far as parents are concerned.

Do you know who your children are in contact with on the web? Have they ever uploaded videos or photos of themselves? Who are their Moshi Monsters friends?

Don't get me wrong. I think the Web/ Internet are amazing – for all sorts of things. I couldn't do without them in my job. The web is a brilliant education resource. My daughter uses it constantly for school projects and learning about interesting "stuff". We use it constantly for video watching, TV catch up, social media and everything else most of the world uses it for.
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