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May 7, 2014
Studies have shown that preschool learning is key to future literacy and numeracy scores so it's time for Australia to get with the preschool program. If you have a child who sleepwalks then read our article Kids Who Go Bump in the Night. It's incredibly common and it's Mother's Day this weekend in our part of the world at least, so this week we say a special thanks to all the mums out there with the fabulous Pam Ayres Poem, I Don't Want to Go to School Mum. It just about says it all. Happy Mothers Day.
Early learning

Early learning is key to future literacy & numeracy

In Australia, children start school a year or more later than in most other developed countries there is no compulsory preschool attendance and we currently have one of the lowest percentages of children in early learning for more than three years (15 per cent).

Recent research from the International Educational Evaluation Association on Year 4 literacy and numeracy tests across 40 countries, found that children who had three years or more of early learning performed better than those who had only one year of preschool or none at all.

Is our lack of mandatory and regulated preschool program adversely affecting the future literacy and numeracy scores of our children?
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Mother's Day poem

I don't want to go to school mum

by Pam Ayres

I don't want to go to school Mum
I want to stay at home with my duck.
I'd rather stay home with you Mum,
And hit the skirting board with my truck.
Don't make me go to school today Mum,
I'll sit here quite on the stairs
Or I'll sit underneath the table
Scratching all the varnish off the chairs.

I don't want to go to school Mum,
When I could be underneath your feet.
It's shopping day and we could go together
Taking twice as long to get to Regent Street.
And every time you stop to talk to someone
I won't let you concentrate, no fear,
I'll be jumping up and down beside you
Shouting 'Can I have some sweets Mum?' in your ear.

Or how about me doing a bit of painting?
Or what about a bit of cutting out?
Or sitting in the open bedroom window
Body in and legs sticking out?
Or what about us going up the park Mum?
Or how about me sitting in the sink?
Or what about me making you a cake Mum?
And Mum. Hey Mum. Mum can I have a drink?

Mum what's that at the bottom of the cupboard?
And Mum, what's that bad you put down there?
And hey Mum watch me jump straight off the sofa,
And Mum, whose dog is that stood over there?
What you doing Mum? Peeling potatoes?
Sit me on the drainer watching you
I wouldn't mind me trousers getting wet Mum,
Oh I aren't half fed up. What can I do?

What time is Daddy coming home Mum?
What's in that long packet? Sausage Meat?
How long is it before he comes Mum?
And Mum. Hey Mum. What can I have to eat?
Oh sorry Mum. I've upset me Ribena.
Oh look. It's making quite a little pool.
Hey Mum, hey, where we going in such a hurry?
Oh Mum. Hey Mum, you're taking me to SCHOOL.
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Kids who go bump in the night

How to manage sleepwalking

All children will show signs of sleepwalking at some point. Maybe once or twice. Maybe a handful of times. Possibly regularly or frequently. Most parents will be aware of their child's sleepwalking activities (especially if they tend to turn up in the doorway while you're watching your late night TV or they might get into bed with you). However many parents won't even realise their child is sleepwalking, because it involves more than just walking around the house.

Generally speaking sleepwalking or somnambulism is not dangerous in itself and doesn't present any need for long term worry. Activities can range from sitting up in bed to wandering through the house or outside or doing things like opening up a wardrobe and having a pee. And it's not just kids who do this.

However we have probably all heard terrifying stories about children who have sleepwalked out of the house and into traffic, a neighbour's pool or other dangerous situations.
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