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May 21, 2014
The 2014 Budget included a swathe of significant changes to family payments. Our article on the Paid Parental Leave outlines the changes, their rationale and explains who benefits. We also look at the troublesome and upsetting topic of bedwetting and how to get through it without exacerbating the problem.
New paid parental leave

Too much, too little or just right?

So the budget is in and one of the items on working parents' watch list was the much-discussed Paid Parental Leave.

While there wasn't much detail in this year's Budget about Prime Minister Abbott's flagship Paid Parental Leave scheme the assumption is it will continue in its current form until July 2015 when the Coalition's version comes into effect.

What you think:

Paid parental leave keeps mums in the workforce by making it more affordable for working parents to take time off to be with their children after they are born.

But with the increasing cost of child care and a lack of places for children under-two, is paid parental leave really going to make the difference needed to sustain population growth and encourage women back into the workforce?

In our Child Care and Workforce Participation survey, 56 per cent of you agreed that the current scheme of 18 weeks at the minimum wage is appropriate.
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Mummy I've wet the bed

How to deal with bedwetting

By Sophie Cross

Mummy I've wet the bed. Every parent has experienced that cry in the middle of the night at least a few times. Bedwetting is one of the most common and yet most embarrassing and distressing problems that small (and larger) children have to deal with.

Unbelievably this completely natural and frequent issue is still looked upon with repugnance, embarrassment and even shame by some parents who feel that it's some sort of social stigma or somehow reflects badly on them.

The fact is we all have bladder issues from time to time. And we're all different.

Some of us have bladders the size of a pea and go to the toilet every hour or so, but some of us seem to be able to go all day without going to the loo at all. And a good proportion of us will have wet the bed at some point in our lives…as kids or even as grown ups.
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