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June 4, 2014
Many non-working mums are not at home out of choice but because they can't find suitable work. We look at the issue and steps you can take to get back into the frame. Prince George proved himself (very annoyingly for most parents) to be a consummate professional in the photo posing department on his recent visit. So we've got some tips on how to take a passport photo of a baby or toddler.
Mums find it hard to find work after babies
The vast majority (around 80 per cent) of the women who took our recent Child Care and Workforce Participation survey were working in some capacity - either full time (45 per cent), part time (30 per cent) or self employed (5 per cent).

Our survey showed however, that while 13 per cent of the mums currently not working actively chose to stay at home to be with their children, 20 per cent would have returned to work, but could not find a job. A further 10 per cent said they weren't working due to their employer's lack of flexibility, and 8 per cent couldn't find child care, which is all a shocking waste of talent for the Australian workforce.

Are these mums really unemployable? Are they too picky? Do they ask too much of their employers? These are the sorts of questions many mums find themselves asking, when six months after they'd like to have returned to work, they're still looking and feeling less and less employable.

Of course self-esteem and confidence also take a massive knock when you've been off with a new baby for six months, so combined with what's going on with our body and mind, the perceived lack of suitable jobs for new mums can sometimes be completely soul destroying. And frankly it doesn't get better over time either. The longer you're out of work, the harder it is to get back in.
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Smile & wave: why doesn't my baby do that?

How to take a passport photo of your child

Watching the coverage of Prince George being wheeled around Australia recently must have created mixed emotions amongst mums all over the world. On the one hand there is admiration and a kind of patriotic love for the little man given he is exceptionally cute and adorable and the spit of his daddy.

On the other, there is that niggling desire to pinch him when Kate's not looking because it's just not fair that someone's baby should be so well behaved and great at having photos taken when most of us struggle to get one decent family snap.

Yes bonnie Prince Georgie appears to be an incredibly obedient, eager to please and photogenic baby.
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