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June 25, 2014
Our article the Stay At Home Stigma outlines the issue that for many women, staying at home with their kids is a very definite and important choice and it's ridiculous to think that other women and their own families stigmatise stay-at-home-mums. Our Mum in Profile is the very talented Australian TV/Film makeup artist, Jennifer Lamphee who is currently working on the new series of Wonderland.
Stay at home stigma

Why are we discriminating against non-working mums?

For many women, the reason for staying at home rather than going back to work after maternity leave is down to finances or practicalities, lack of child care or going back to work simply not being viable.

But for many mothers, the decision to become a stay-at-home-mum is a very definite and important choice. It's a decision to be around full time for their young children until such time as their kids are independent…so probably somewhere in the region of 26-30 years old. Let's face it, when you sign up for parenthood, you are in it for the very long haul.

So why is it that almost half (48 per cent) of stay-at-home-mums who responded to our recent survey said that they felt stigmatised for staying at home?
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Mum in Profile - Jennifer Lamphee
Jennifer Lamphee is a makeup artist who has worked on countless TV shows and is currently running the hair and makeup team on the new series of Channel Ten's Wonderland, due on our screens in August. She lives in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs with her three children Indi 12, Milla 11, and Little Gia 5. Husband Chief and a labradoodle Buddy.

C4K: What made you become a makeup artist and how did you get into TV?

JL: I became a makeup artist after doing my hairdressing apprenticeship. I decided that makeup sounded interesting and I had a client who was into it. So I popped myself through a course. The rest is history. I kept assisting great women in the film Industry and basically grew my skills on the job, doing wigs, prosthetics and special effects.

C4K: Do your kids ever get to go on set?

JL: Yes the children come out to all the film sets and TV shows I design for. They love it, especially meeting the actors. I think still for them meeting Hugh Jackman was a highlight when I designed Wolverine. He took them to the set and showed them around. He was so lovely.
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