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June 18, 2014
The number of stay at home dads is on the increase with many women now out-earning their partners and wanting some career time it is a trend that's set to continue. And good news is that men actually develop mothering skills the more they care for their child. Also we know the dangers of not vaccinating your child, but new research shows that leaving it late can also cause major health issues. We outline the current status of vaccinations in Australia and detail the new research.
The stay at home dad - revolution or evolution?
Stay-At-Home-Dads are on the increase. Since the last article we published on Stay-At-Home-Dads in August 2008, the estimated number of dads who are the main carer in the family has risen from 12,000 to over 40,000.

In Australia, the number of households where women earned more than men rose from 385,000 in 2001 to 521,000 in 2013. According to last year's NATSEM report, "The proportion of female breadwinners rose systematically during the GFC compared to the pre-GFC boom in Australia, and across the full distribution of household income".

And it's likely to stay as an upward trend. So it's not surprising then that men are taking much more of a role in the caregiving side of things. There is absolutely no reason why not; although many people in our society/culture still find it hard to get their heads around men staying at home while the little lady goes out to win the bread.
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The new vaccination danger – tardiness

Not vaccinating is dangerous, but leaving it late is too

While vaccinations are on the increase, so too are conscientious objectors. But while it’s universally recognised that not vaccinating is potentially fatal, new research shows that leaving it late can also lead to serious illness and febrile convulsions.

While vaccinations in pre-school children is on the increase, following the introduction of the no jab no play policy, it has been estimated that conscientious objection to childhood immunisation is also on the rise as parents exploit a loophole in the recently implemented law that allows unvaccinated children to be enrolled in childcare centres.

The federal Health Department says 3910 parents across Australia lodged a conscientious objection form last year, the highest number recorded by the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register since 1999. This takes the total number of conscientious objectors to 36,320, out of more than 2.2 million children on the register.
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