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June 11, 2014
We all want to know that our kids are in quality child care, but how do you find it and make sure you know the level of care they're getting? Our article goes through steps to ensure you get the best quality possible. Does your child feign illness to get out of child care or school? We look at the faking it, versus the more serious hypochondria. Plus we reach a major milestone.
What is high quality child care?
Most families looking for care understand the importance of identifying and securing a spot in an early childhood education and care service which provides high quality care.

Although this seems like a no-brainer, if you are a first time parent with no real experience with child care providers it can be hard to try and figure out what high quality care actually is.

Is it the shiny new purpose built centre with all the latest gadgets? Is it the lovely family day carer down the road? Or is it the well-worn community centre with staff who have been there forever?

Chances are high quality child care can look like any combination of these things and you and your child will be the best judge of what is high quality for your particular family.
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Faking it, malingering or hypochondria?

When kids try to get out of child care & school

by Sophie Cross

Every child tries to get out of school or preschool from time to time and when you're working and need them to be there, it's very tough to be sympathetic when you get a whiff of fakery.

We've all been there. As fakers ourselves and now as the parents of fakers. And it's not always easy to tell whether your child is really ill or putting on a show to get a day at home with mum or dad.

Do you risk taking them in kicking and screaming, just to be called in an hour's time and asked to come in and collect your child who's just thrown up in the classroom/day room, making you feel like the worst parent in the world?

I have on a couple of occasions not listened to my daughter's insistence of having a "stomach ache" or feeling sick (her go-to illness) only to regret my hard line when she's thrown up in the back of the car on the way into school.
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