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July 9, 2014
Babysitters are now in huge demand as a flexible/part time child care option. But how much are you prepared to pay for one? And if your child seems to be constantly battling colds and related illnesses in your house, we look at when you should keep your child at home and answer some of the myths about the common cold.
Golden babysitters fill the childcare gap

So are their high fees really such a rort?

If you live and work in a city and don't have family around you or friends with available and reliable teenage kids, then occasional, last minute or night-time child care can be really expensive. And it's getting more and more expensive as young "professional" babysitters realise their market value.

Babysitters are now in huge demand. And not just for date night, parents' evenings, or for parents to have nights out with friends. With the lack of availability for the under twos and also for before and after school care, many parents are turning to part-time nannies or babysitters for assistance to fill the child care gap during the day as well.

And it's not cheap. Recently an article in the New York Times exposed the high cost of babysitters in New York City, with some parents paying anything from US$20 to US$40 per hour plus fees. And not just fees either. In New York babysitters can pretty much demand what they like, including perks such as car service, expensive take outs and dinners and even shoes. With rates up to $40 per hour on top of perks, New York babysitters are cashing it in.
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Is green snot contagious?

Busting the myths of the common cold

Some parents luck out with bionic children who simply never seem to get sick. Others might feel they are constantly battling ongoing bouts of snottiness and a permanent cough.

It's one of those things that you just can't get away from with young children. Their little bodies are still developing immune systems and some at a slower pace than others.

According to the Children's Youth and Women's Health Service, children get around 6-10 colds per year, with the highest number usually being during the first two years in child care, kindergarten or school.
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