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July 23, 2014
This week we look at the Productivity Commissions interim findings, our Mum in profile is Natalie Street, who has the enviable job of looking after gorgeous French chef and dad, Manu Feildel. Somebody's got to do it. Plus Manu is giving away 3 copies of his latest book, French for Everyone.
PC report suggests streamlined child care payment
The Productivity Commission has released its draft inquiry report on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning with the recommendations seeking to make child care more affordable, flexible and accessible for parents and more financially sustainable for tax payers.

Presiding Commission Dr Wendy Craik said early childhood and care play a vital role in child development and workforce participation.

"However, our current system does not meet the needs of all families and the costs of supporting the current childcare system are increasing at an unsustainable rate for taxpayers," she said.

In response to this the Productivity Commission has recommended replacing the current child care subsidies with a single subsidy that would be paid directly to the parent's choice of provider and be passed on as a discount in fees.
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Mum in profile
Natalie Street
Natalie Street has the job most women in Australia would die for: PA and PR manager to French celebrity chef, Manu Feildel. She lives in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs with her partner Adam and their daughter Isla, 2yrs 9months.

C4K: How did you come to be doing such a fantastic job?

NS: I first met Manu when I worked with him on the first series of MKR. I needed a new job and he was told to find someone who could help him out. When we first talked he told me he didn't know how much he needed an assistant and wasn't that busy, within a month we were writing his first cookbook and the rest, as they say, is history…

C4K: What does your job entail on a daily basis?

NS: That is the most difficult question to answer. There really aren't 2 days the same - the job has definitely changed and evolved since I started and it can be anything from booking flights, to writing recipes to setting up events to designing a restaurant. It's not a 9-5, standard job in any respect.
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Manu Feildel's 'French For Everyone'
'Over the years it has come to my attention that many Australians are a little scared of French cookbooks. I hope I will change your mind'

Beloved TV host, restaurateur, author and chef, Manu Feildel, has a brilliant new cookbook, French for Everyone, that aims to demystify French cooking once and for all and encourage Australians of all ages to celebrate cooking every day, just as he does.

After a recent trip back to his homeland, Manu was re-inspired by the beauty of the French country and the French way of life. In French for Everyone he celebrates the simplicity and style of everyday French cooking, showing how easy and enjoyable it is to recreate the meals of his childhood back here in Australia, using local produce.

You can forget the lengthy ingredients lists and complicated instructions that French cookbooks often include: In French for Everyone Manu shares everyday French recipes that can be made at home, such as Ham and Mushroom Vol-Au-Vents, Silver Dory Brioche Sliders (a great way to encourage kids to eat more fish), Breakfast Cassoulet (Manu's great recipe for a hangover), Braised Short Ribs of Beef in Red Wine (perfect for dunking bread in as Manu does) and Manu's favourite dessert recipe, Crepes with Bananas, Chocolate Sauce and Chantilly Cream. Yum.

French for Everyone will inject a little bit of simple, flavoursome French home cooking into the lives of all who read it - without the cost of an airfare.

RRP $49.99

We have THREE copies to give away worth $49.99 each. Just let us know in 25 words or less why you deserve a little bit of Manu in your kitchen.
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