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Child Care News for Parents
February 5, 2014
Welcome back. We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and summer holidays. Now everyone's back to school, pre-school and child care we cover off on a couple of very important issues for February. February is often extremely hot, so take note of our article on deadly dehydration, how to avoid it and how to read the warning signs. It's also now compulsory to be up to date with your vaccinations before enrolling in child care. Our article looks at what's required and if parents are right to object to "conscientious objectors". Plus we've introduced a new responsive design for this newsletter… optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop. Enjoy.
Parents object to conscientious objectors

Would you put your child in danger of disease?

On January 1 2014, a new law came into being that aims to ensure the health of our children in child care. Under the "no jab, no play" law, all children must be vaccinated for all the major disease as set out by the Immunisation Register before they can be enrolled into child care. Childcare centre operators can also face fines of up to $4000 for not keeping immunisation records up to date.

This has been policy in schools for several years, but from this school year, children who have not been vaccinated cannot be enrolled in any registered child care unless their parents lodge documents claiming they object on philosophical or moral grounds or giving medical reasons for their failure to immunise. Parents can however provide documents that prove their child is on a catch-up schedule if not already fully immunised.

But thousands of parents seem to be flouting this law by using the conscientious objector loophole to get them out of getting their children vaccinated. The conscientious objector numbers are higher than ever, increasing per capita as the population increases.
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Deadly dehydration

Make sure your child is properly cared for in the heat

Summer is still in full swing and February can often be the hottest month of all. Already this summer has seen some very extreme conditions and record-breaking temperatures and February is likely to be very hot as well.

While we are vigilant with our children about sunburn and sunstroke, dehydration can be far worse and is one of those awful silent killers that is so easy to avoid, but in very young children, extremely dangerous.

Babies and young children are particularly susceptible to dehydration and should be watched carefully during hot weather. Infants can quickly lose body fluids through sweat, which can lead to dangerous dehydration. They need to drink regularly, wear light clothing and be kept cool.

The following signs to look out for and tips (in conjunction with Better Health Victoria) should ensure that your baby or small child stays healthy and hydrated in the heat.
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