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August 6, 2014
The Productivity Commission is looking into dealing with the acute out of school hours care shortage… we let you know your alternatives. And if you're struggling to keep up with your child or grandchild in the IT stakes then read our article on a new ebook that might help (and get a discount).
Can't get into out of school hours care?

You're not alone. We have some alternatives

Out of School Hours Care is a hot topic right now with an acute on-going shortage and with parents having to actually "pitch" for places.

Yes it's sad but true that child care only gets harder the older they get. Gone are the nice long days at child care. Suddenly the days are super short and you have to worry about what to do with them before and after school. Employers can only be so flexible and turning up at 9.30 and leaving at 2.30 is most likely not going to be acceptable to most companies.

Australia is in acute Out Of School Care Crisis. There simply aren't enough places for working parents with children in school who need to drop off early and pick up late. Our own survey revealed over half of working parents use or intend to use out of school care.

However 31 per cent were unable to get a place at the beginning of the school year and 18 per cent were still waiting for a place after the first term.
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Do you know your apps from your elbow?

Help is at hand for IT un-savvy parents and grandparents

It's definitely a 21st century problem: Our kids know way more about technology than we do, and it's time we did something about it. So says Yvette Adams, mum of two and author of new guide, "No Kidding: Why Our Kids Know More About Technology Than Us and What We Can Do About It?"

According to Adams, today's kids are intuitively able to figure out every device, app, game and social network that comes their way. Just hand a tablet or a smartphone to a toddler, and watch what happens. They instantly, intuitively know what to do with it.

Children under two can already master laptops, smart phones and tablets with ease. My nine-year-old daughter said the other day: "It's really funny watching old people try to use things like iPads." And by old I hope she means anyone over 70, but suspect it's more like anyone over 40.

Often technology is seen in a negative light. With cross parents getting exasperated over overuse of their gadgets, losing their phones to their 2 year olds and dishing out screen bans.
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