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August 20, 2014
Over half the Australian population has tooth decay. Our article on early habits looks at how to get pre-schoolers into good habits and avoid fillings. The Productivity Commission is recommending nannies do become approved child care with certain conditions. But as employers of nannies, do you know your obligations? We give you an overview.
Nannies closer to becoming approved child care

Know your obligations as an employer of a nanny?

The Productivity Commission's draft report on child care has recommended nannies to be a part of the 'approved' child care mix… especially as our working environment changes. If the recommendation is taken up by government families who employ nannies may be eligible for subsidies as long as the nannies are 'approved' (e.g., qualified and meet National Quality Standards).

However, nothing is ever simple and with this 'approved' status of nannies also comes official employer status of parents. And so it's worth knowing what your responsibilities and obligations are as an employer.

The guide below offers information on your key responsibilities and includes a sample employment contract and a Nanny/Parent Diary, which you may find helpful for keeping the lines of communication open.
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Early tooth decay prevention

Chewable toothpaste tablets being researched

Did you know that tooth decay our most common disease affecting over 11 million Australians - about half of the population? Children average two fillings by the age of 12 and with increased consumption of sweets and high carbohydrate foods, processed foods (with hidden sugars) and fast foods, our kids' teeth are in more danger than ever before.

Tooth decay or "Caries" as it's officially known, is caused by a bacteria that leads to demineralization and destruction of the hard tissues of the teeth. And its incidence in Australia has been much the same for over 20 years, even after the benefits of fluoride.

It's the most common global disease affecting half the population of nations with a high carbohydrate diet, where acid demineralisation exceeds saliva and fluoride or other remineralisation of tooth, particularly where brushing cannot reach indicating a need for a review to improve oral health promotion and tooth care aids.
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