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May 11, 2021
Welcome, this week learn about ACECQA's helpful educator-to-child ratio calculator to take the guesswork out of staff planning and 12 sustainability hacks to boost your bottom line while protecting our environment. Plus, learn how our new and improved Child Care Vacancy Alert works best for services.
How does Child Care Vacancy Alert work best for providers?
We've been working on a series of enhancements to Child Care Vacancy Alert, our real-time messaging system that lets parents know as soon as a provider in their preferred locations updates their vacancy information.

These enhancements go live this week, but before going into detail about them here's a reminder of how Child Care Vacancy Alert works and how you can use it to fill vacancies and boost your position in our search rankings.
12 Sustainability strategies for your service
Sustainability. It's a hot-button topic of course, but living, working and playing more sustainably are easier than you may think and can help to save your centre money.

Big changes can come about by lots of people making little changes to their daily lives and practices and teaching children about sustainable practices along the way is an even better bonus.

Here are 12 everyday ideas for boosting the sustainability performance of your service.
Educator-to-child ratio calculator for centres
ACECQA has developed an educator-to-child ratio calculator to support centre based services to ensure they are operating with the correct number of educators at all times.

According to ACECQA a fundamental feature of the National Quality Framework (NQF) is improved educator-to-child ratios and qualification requirements. Sufficient numbers of appropriately qualified educators enable the delivery of quality education and care programs, which respond to and promote children's learning and development.

The required educator-to-child ratios for education and care services are set out in the National Regulations, including requirements for early childhood teachers (ECTs).
Boost your occupancy
Our Premium and Enterprise services will increase parent enquiries to your child care business
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