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June 22, 2021
Welcome, this week how to spot, stop and prevent bullying in early learning settings, new research from Children's Health Queensland into the impact of COVID-19 on young children and how educators can support them. Also, learn about our new joint venture with Circle In and how it will benefit you!
Tapping in to a wider circle of parents
CareforKids.com.au has established a partnership with employee benefits Circle In and this is great news for early education providers.

Circle In is a personalised employee benefits platform aimed at enabling organisations to go beyond policies and build parent-friendly workplaces.

Circle In helps working people by providing a range of tools and resources designed to make it easier for them to balance their caring responsibilities with their professional responsibilities.

This includes employees caring for older family members, as well as those with young children… and this is where you come in! Our partnership means employees in the Circle In network can now use the CareforKids.com.au search engine to research, source and secure high quality child care when and where they need it.

This is great news for early education services as it increases their exposure to a large number of working parents looking for care right now, making it easier to fill vacancies fast.
How to spot, stop and prevent bullying
Do you know the difference between fighting and bullying? Would you be able to spot an incident of bullying even in children as young as two to five years of age?

A recent study of early childhood teachers conducted by researchers from the University of South Australia, reported that when asked to define the three main components of bullying, namely an intent to harm, repetition, and a power imbalance, only 17 per cent of respondents were able to articulate what constituted bullying.

Most teachers recognised that bullying involves an intent to harm and repetition, but just 40 per cent identified an imbalance of power between young children as a factor.
The impact of COVID-19 on young children and what you can do
In the wake of the COVID-19 Children's Health Queensland undertook research to learn how children aged one-five years and their families are coping with the pandemic.

COVID-19 Unmasked  is a study that aims to understand:
  • the different types of experiences young children and families are having
  • how young children are coping with the many social and lifestyle changes
  • how caregivers are coping and supporting their children during this time.
Boost your occupancy
Our Premium and Enterprise services will increase parent enquiries to your child care business
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