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June 15, 2021
Welcome, this week a new Active Early Learning Curriculum aims to boost children's physical activity levels as well as their physical literacy levels. Also, meet Lil' Fi who is working to share the magic of music in early learning settings.
Active Early Learning Curriculum
A series of recent articles highlights how children in early learning environments are doing considerably less physical activity per day than recommended for optimal health.

On average this is true of most Australians, not just children, with more than half of us (55 per cent according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) failing to reach the recommended 180 minutes of moderate activity recommended by the World Health Organization every day.

Childhood obesity is an equally significant problem among very young children, with 25 per cent of children aged 2-17 years being overweight or obese.
The magic of music
After working as an award-winning blues musician and touring artist for 25 years, Fiona Hunter-Espley - known by her stage name Lil' Fi - turned her life around to become a music teacher for young children and early learning educators.

In 2011 she had a serious accident that left her with a severe brain injury, no longer able to speak or write. Music therapy played a huge part in her recovery.

For the last ten years she has been using what she learnt during that difficult period to help children in early learning environments, and she has never looked back.
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