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June 1, 2021
Welcome, this week Inspired EC's Nicole Halton describes progressive mealtimes and how they empower children. Also, five simple eco-friendly craft projects to celebrate World Environment Day (5 June) and World Oceans Day (8 June).
Progressive mealtimes - Are they right for your service?
I clearly remember my first ever practicum at an early childhood service, while I was completing my studies. It was a long day care service, open long hours and with several rooms in operation. There was a kitchen and a central dining area, and for a chunk of time in the middle of the day, each room (with the exception of the nursery) would take it in turns to head to the dining area, where the children were served a hot meal.
This week Nicole Halton from Inspired EC describes her experiences with progressive mealtimes in early learning services and explains some of the benefits of this approach for children.
5 Eco Crafts to Celebrate World Environment Day
World Environment Day on June 5 is the day that the United Nations encourages worldwide awareness and action to help protect our environment for the future.

World Ocean Day on June 8 is a connected occasion, used by the UN to bring attention to the importance of the world’s oceans and ways that we can help preserve them.

These two days are ideal for celebrating the wonders of our world with our children and showing them how to mark the occasions with fun keepsakes that will also teach them about the environment, and help preserve our planet for their future.
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