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July 20, 2021
Welcome, this week how to communicate with families about the importance of play and how they can support play-based learning at home. Also, how to maximise the benefits of reading books with the children in your service.
Talking to families about 'hidden treasures' of child's play
While early educators are not new to the science of play and its critical role in a child’s development, many families don't have the same depth of understanding.

To help educators close this gap and translate the value of play into meaningful knowledge for families, an Australian early childhood investigation has released a handy Communication Brief, Adding play to the core story of early development.

Years of research have shown the importance of child's play experiences and what it actually does for their development. This recent Communication Brief builds on an educator's expertise in this area by offering suggestions on how to talk to families and help them understand the learning and developmental benefits children gain through play.
Spark joy and learning with interactive read-alouds
Early childhood educators are no strangers to read-alouds. It's one of the most widespread and recurrent instructional activities in early education services, and it's a sure-fire activity to spark joy and a child’s imagination.

Studies consistently highlight the benefits of interactive read-alouds with success linked to the thoughtful choice of books, how they are shared and the quality of interactions.

Storytelling is the oldest form of teaching. It exists in every culture whether by written word, song, the oral tradition or visually. Stories offer joy, drawing children into magical worlds and helping them develop concentration skills, expand their vocabulary and even providing comfort.

They also offer windows or mirrors for young children to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for themselves and other cultures.
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