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February 9, 2021
Welcome, this week psychologist Nicole Nossiter explains how the children in your centre can benefit from positive psychology also how to maintain a safe and hygienic sandpit.
How your service could benefit from positive psychology...
Now more than ever we need to enhance our wellbeing, but have you received training on the science of wellbeing? Early childhood educators are mandated to focus on wellbeing but there are few tools provided to deliver this.

So, what is the science of wellbeing? This is the field of positive psychology, the scientific study of how we function at our best. It was founded by Professor Martin Seligman in 1998.

This article on positive psychology was written for CareforKids.com.au by psychologist Nicole Nossiter, a former primary school teacher and the founder of Growing Strong Minds.
The scoop on safe and fun sandpit play
Where an adult sees a humble sandpit, a child sees a world of playful possibilities. There are endless options for fun imaginative play in this creative space, and sandpits invite children to explore, experiment and investigate.

With so much potential for natural play and learning, the sandpit has a valuable role in early learning settings and should be maintained to ensure it is a safe, fun and hygienic place for children.
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